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About Us

Where we come from


There is a saying “necessity is the mother of all invention” … and this is true in the case of Real Life rooms!


Business owner Alison Steven runs the well-known and successful Market Research Consultancy The Brand Surgeon who do end to end market research projects, but who specialise in Qualitative Market Research recruitment.


There were a few different but related events which led to the opening of the rooms:

  • Several of our clients moved to venues with no / fewer viewing facilities
  • One of the long standing viewing rooms closed as its owners moved from Jhb
  • A community centre which we are involved in needed a tenant in order to help with their high rent

Real Life Rooms Vision

Real Life Rooms is primarily a flexible and practical turn-key solution to market research and business engagement needs across industries. However, the venue is also very much a part of the community and will be used outside of business hours to facilitate CSI projects – counselling, Youth meetings, Business encouragement & training, community forums and even a church on Sundays!

A Bit About The Team


The Real Life Rooms are owned by Stewart & Alison Steven

Who I am: 

Alison has a B.Comm Industrial Psych & Marketing (Wits); Honours in International Marketing (Unisa).


She was a Marketing Manager at Unilever on their Graduate Program before moving to the UK where she worked for worked for Pepsi/ pizza Hut in New Product Development and product launches.


She then moved to be Head of Marketing for Pret-a-Manager UK, a top 100 company in the United Kingdom.


She has been running The Brand Surgeon and is part of a global team who run the a “Marketing for Non-marketers” programs across all Africa for one of the largest Telecomms clients – she absolutely loves this, especially Kenya and Ghana!


Who I am: 

Jamie is a new mom to a young daughter. At the end of 2018 she received her Master of Political Science degree.


Jamie strives to adapt to the needs of every client’s time, environmental changes and corporate culture. She has a great aptitude for technology and working under pressure.


Who I am: 

Linda is a mother to three teenage and varsity going daughters. She is the force that keeps our venue clean and ship-shape. She puts her best into not only making our focus room ready, but takes joy in presenting our catering, etc. while ensuring our stock is all up to date.

Who I am: 

Stewart oversees the operational and visionary heart of Real Life Research Rooms. He was a management consultant in the London, specifically working in business planning within the financial sector.


For the past ten years his focus has been on people development and raising up leaders, from grassroots to the boardroom. As well as leading an NPO and doing community work, he and Alison have a passion for property. This passion is realised through their property and development company. Other than people and property he enjoys great food and travels as much as he can.


Who I am: 

Bornmann worked in the retail sector as a manager for some well-known companies retail chains for seven years. After that he worked in a call center at an international company as one of the top sales executives.


Bornmann is people focused. Working with people and finding “makes him come alive”. He is a problem fixer, works well with all people and tends to bring out the best in them.


“Finding myself in market research is a very exciting and whole new experience for me”.