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Given that we’ve been in the industry for over 3 decades, we do pretty much everything!


Our sweet spot is Qualitative Market Research Recruitment – The Brand Surgeon has a large database and unique Project Management system which produces the best quality, correct respondents more consistently than anyone we know!

Respondent Recruitment


We can pretty much recruit (almost) any person from LSM 3 upwards, for individual consumers or B2B. We love BIG projects and can do 200 respondents with ease – either for research groups OR online (our system is AMAZING and has taken over 4 years and a lot of $$$ to develop!)



Project Management


We can project manage all and any part of the research process, whether in-home, shop alongs, ad labs, immersions, triads, telephone interviews or safari’s!


Dinner Parties


Upmarket political, social or any other type of gathering.